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"I like this product a lot because it is a compartment for additional cargo that is placed in the back of a small truck, but it doesn't affect Cargo capacity since it is added to the ceiling and occupies little space. It is ideal for those who like to store work tools. Excellent!"
                                SEMA Judge 2011 Global Media Awards (for the Original Cap-Pack®)
Cap-Pack® Sport
Cap-Pack® Sport

The Cap-Pack® Sport is an innovative storage system that utilizes the wasted space of your truck cap to organize and secure your valuable items. When closed, the lightweight aluminum storage drawer locks into a sturdy elevated frame that allows your truck bed to be free of clutter, and available for large items. When needed, the Cap-Pack® Sport opens to allow easy access to your belongings. Adjustable dividers add convenience and organization.
The Cap-Pack® Sport is available from your Century ( and Raider ( cap dealers. The Leer Locker is available exclusively from your Leer ( dealer.


The Cap-Pack® Sport MSRP: $850.

Two Cap-Pack Sport models fit virtually all full sized and most mid-sized, standard height, truck caps.

Cap-Pack Sport Model No. CPS-6 Fits:

Cap-Pack Sport Model No. CPS-5 Fits:

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Watch this video on how to do an on the ground install of the Cap-Pack® Sport into an existing cap.

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